Skin Gets Hot

by Fraternal Twin

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Recorded August 2013 to October 2014
at Salvation Recording Co.|New Paltz, NY
Engineered & produced by Christopher Daly
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe

Tom Christie: guitar, bass, synthesizer, vocals
Leslie Bear: synthesizer (track 8)|vocals (tracks 6, 8)
Silas Reidy: baritone guitar (tracks 1, 3, 4)|lap steel (track 4)
Aaron Maine: drums (tracks 5, 6, 8)|bass (tracks 5, 6)|synthesizer (track 5)
John Morisi: drums (track 3)
Bob Edge: drums (tracks 2, 9)
Christopher Daly: drums (track 1)
Cody Torlincasi: noise loops (track 7)

Cover drawings by Samantha Gloffke
Design by Dean Engle
Songs by Tom Christie

Apollonian Sound 2015 / Ghost Ramp 2016


released May 5, 2015



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Fraternal Twin New York


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Track Name: Hourglass
what has happened to
my little moon
all the bleach girls
painted black

at the railroad track
i lay on my back
and i sleep alone

all the apples fall
but do they have to fall ?
down on every headstone ?

so i'll take an hourglass
and watch it move
and when the time has passed
i'll come for you

we all have our time
have our selfish time
but time is time
and time runs out
Track Name: Waterway
at night
i crawl across the bedroom
and sigh
cuz i can't stay there anymore

i keep one eye out on the waterways
and look thru tunnels trying to find
a glint, a glow that i can swim to
to say good night just when i want to

but i'm still out here when the days end
distractions take me all around

today i'll see it all as a silhouette
and watch rain fall under the bridge
but i would trade away these illusions
just to get outside my head

soon i'll wonder
where the days went
if i can even give them thought
Track Name: Fingers
i don't mind
what you decide
i just want what's mine
better now
but not before
i just don't sleep anymore

and i don't dream
i don't dream anything

we were born
into a storm
but now that has settled down
where will you go
to be alone
and crack every bone
in your fingers ?
it's in your nature
Track Name: Like the Comet
some will ride on
and some will run away
the path grows wider
with the ending of the day

sought in silence
and lost with everything
like the comet
i'm born to leave the ring

and i'll remain
with this coffin in the rain
i cannot say how
long i'll have to wait

i'm out of my kingdom
the angels have run out on me
thorn to finger
this rose is all i need

and i'll remain
with this coffin in the rain
i cannot say how
long i'll have to wait

..til dawn begins to break ?
Track Name: Lose My Balance
i bend
any way i can
and i pretend
like it's a story

i'll stop when
i lose my balance

where ? when ?
at any time
i could lose
the right to use my body

but i'll know your glow
like it was mine
Track Name: Boil
would you boil me
or water me down
wake up next to me
in another town
cuz i'll come right back and get you

i've been born
and i'll go
sometime and maybe then
you will show

or you'll ditch

i have always been
a quiet mess
looking back at you
in your favorite dress
but you don't know
what i was thinking
Track Name: Werewolves
come sleep at my side
i know you have no
dreams to hide
for the moon will steal
from every star
to keep you up
throughout the night

just close your eyes
and feel the wind
blow through the chimes
hear the iron lullaby
that brings your blood
where it runs with mine

and the sun will come
to shoot a silver gun
every single dawn
till the end of all
Track Name: Skin Gets Hot
you see yourself
when you look at the ground
and there's no one else

rain comes down like rocks
no i never forgot
because my skin gets hot

only an arrow
knows where it will go
so i pull and shoot
like i've always done

skulls will speak in tongues
the sea will have to soak
no there's nothing wrong
as long as skin gets hot
and as long as skin stays hot
Track Name: Shadowgoing
i forgot
the reason for an empty hand
to feel the slipping of the sand
to test the weather and erode

once i heard someone behind me
who left me here inside the factory
but it was just my shadow going

once i turned
you think i'd learn
how to be alone

i'll be sure
to make myself scarce
to watch my lantern float above
i won't send up another one

if you ask
i'll tell you that it's just
some lights go out alone